Construction is coming nicely along with the OCS (Overhead Contact System) in place from Tukwila International Blvd Station to I-5/SR 599 and Mlk Way/Boeing Access Rd to Raymond Street. The bridge linking Tukwila Station over SR 518 to the Airport is complete and ribbon rail is along side of the new Airport Expressway that is currently being welded.

First Up, Mt. Baker Station

Looking the other way at Mlk Way

Redevelopment along Mlk Way and the Route 42

Columbia City Station @ Alaska Street

Othello Station

Henderson Street Station

The recently completed elevated section of Boeing Access Road.

Tukwila International Blvd Station

I’ll have to take some time out this weekend and explore the Airport Segment more in-depth. Not any places I would recommend stopping at near the Airport where you can get photos of the construction though it may be a thought to take the bus to the terminal and walk up to the top of the parking garage and shoot down towards the alignment. I’m sure you can get a good vantage point of the Expressway and might be able to see the Tukwila Station as well.

2 Replies to “Central Link Light Rail Update – 12-26-2007”

  1. Hey Brian, I was just over at Southcenter Mall and that place was definitely a destination. What were the reasons to NOT put a Link station there? Was it opposition from Tukwila or routing problems? How far away is Southcenter Mall from the Tukwila Link station? Thanks.

  2. It came down to cost. From Tukwila Intl. Blvd Station it is around 3 miles or about 6 minutes including station wait time.

    That is my biggest complaint that it did not serve one of the largest shopping centers in Washington.

    Supposedly in 2008 or 2009, a new frequent bus is supposed to serve Seattle to Southcenter directly every 10 minutes. It will run via the bus tunnel – E-3 Busway to I-5 and exit at Southcenter. The bus would make a ‘circular’ run through the retail areas before heading back onto I-5 to Seattle. It would have a 10 minute layover at the Convention Center Station.

    A limited stop shuttle will run from Tukwila Link Station to Southcenter. During Sounder and Amtrak Cascades, it will also serve Tukwila Sounder/Amtrak Station.

    It’s no rail but it’ll have to do until something is done between

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