We don’t normally get a chance to have a branch campus be looked at but also a campus that is next to a rail line and in the future, could see Light-Rail on top of expanded bus and commuter rail service.

Before proceeding, please check out The Herald Net – Everett Herald on the University of Washington North Campus. Here is some of the most recent

Everett Station would hold a very unique oppurtunity to the City of Everett and the entire North region. Why is this? The Everett Station is home to Amtrak, Greyhound, Sounder Commuter Rail, ST Express Bus service, Everett Transit, Community Transit, Island Transit… well, you get the point – It’s a main hub for Transit in Snohomish County. There is also a talk of building a Streetcar from the new Waterfront development through Downtown to the new Riverfront Development which would stop at Everett Station. Riverfront could be a place for students to gather and “hang out” with it’s hip shops and movie theater and easily connected by the Streetcar.

Everett has some of the cheapest rent in a “city” while keeping it’s low key stature. This would be excellent for students on a budget but don’t want to live in a 4×8 dorm. Everett could be what Tacoma should be but with the ability of easy expansion and great transit, Everett Station is a no brainer that it can bring people from far apart, without the need to travel heavily to get to a Airport or Train Station.

Some facts:

Everett Station

Amtrak Cascades serves Seattle, Stanwood (In November 2008) Mt. Vernon/Burlington, Bellingham, with a shuttle to the Bellingham International Airport with Delta, Horizon, Allegiant Air, Alaska (Yes, there is a ferry to Alaska from Bellingham), Vancouver, BC..perfect weekend trip “abroad” Cascades also serves Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, WA, Portland, Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.

Amtrak’s Empire Builder runs between Seattle and Chicago, ILL with several stops along the way.

I’ll visit this topic more on a later date when more information is readily available….