Erica C Barnett mentions a possible Metro strike, because the union did not accept the county’s last contract. That’s a scary thought. I hope it doesn’t happen or I might be working from home for a considerable time. However, I don’t agree with the “refusing to pay fare” comment though. The FTA provisions that if you accept FTA money, you have to excuse people who make reasonable attempts to pay but can’t afford it. It’s a public service after all.

What would you do if Metro striked?

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  1. Die. I am in the worst part to have to walk into work. I am definitely not driving. I refuse.

  2. The 545 is run by metro operators. That would suck if it went out, I would likely be forced to carpool.

  3. Why isn’t the mainstream press covering this? This was the first I have heard about this. I ride Metro all the time. Although I understand the Union has to represent it’s drivers, and if it were not for the Union, we would have lost Metro as we know it to the whims of Tim Eyman 8 years ago. Remember in 2000, Amalgamated Transportation Union vs. State of Washington? The appeal of I-695. Also, remember Eyman was going to take away the rest of their money to fix the road funding gap he created with I695.

  4. FYI, it is illegal for Metro to strike. They are considered a necessary public good (like cops and fire fighters). They might have a slow down, but they can’t (and won’t) strike.

  5. I’ll be screwed royally since I have to currently take the 162 and 554 to work. Ugh.

    Hopefully this won’t happen. Can you imagine what this area would be like if that happens!?

    And it’s not illegal for Metro or any other Union agency to strike. Just about happened to Amtrak, and has happened in Chicago and New York.

  6. I have worked for Metro for 10 years. This is not the first time we have rejected a contract. And yes, it is illegal for Metro workers to strike

  7. The way a driver explained it, it is the union that has said they cannot strike under any circumstances, so I really don’t see it happening. However, about 20 years ago there was a “sick out” where all buses stopped running at noon and returned to the base, leaving passengers stranded that afternoon.

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