This saddens me. The fact that 2 men would do such an awful thing to our transit systems here is ignorant. I hope these people are caught and have to pay for the cleanup bill. Although, I didn’t notice anything and I was on the orange car today. So I guess the company that removed the graffiti did a really good job.

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  1. I’m not surprised at all. It’s sad, but it was just a matter of time. It sounds like they took the proper precautions, like having a fence, and guard, etc.

    That aside, I believe Seattle is a pretty graffiti-tolerant city. Many even consider tagging an art. Seattle is often very slow to remove graffiti. I have seen the same pieces of graffiti up (in very prominent, high traffic places), for over two years. As far as the street car is concerned, not that this would have helped in this case, but I was VERY surprised that there weren’t any security cameras inside of the street car, like they have on some Metro buses. This is also something that may help to dissuade youths from scratching their tag on the inside of the street car windows, like they have on so many buses.

    Anyway, just my two cents.

  2. I am shocked at all the problems that the SLUS has experienced despite being open for only 3 months. The Portland Streetcar has been open for almost 7 years and hasn’t had half the problems. Infact I am aware of only one major incident with the Portland streetcar which was at least 5 years ago when a pickup crashed into a streetcar.

    From the PI:
    “In less than three months of operation, the cars have been damaged at least three times. The purple car was damaged in a collision with a pickup truck in January. A trolley car was hit by an SUV a week after the system started running in December. Also, streetcar service was temporarily delayed days after it started, when a ball bearing was found jammed into one of the tracks.”
    Plus there was the issue with the trackless trolleys creating the power surge.

  3. John, are you talking about MAX? There was an incident within the last week where a car drove onto the tracks, blocked one of the tracks for over 6 hours, and did over $20,000 damage. And that’s just within the last week.

    I don’t really see how you can blame two people vandalizing the street car on the street car itself.

  4. He didn’t say Portland Max but Portland Streetcar =D

    “The Portland Streetcar has been open for almost 7 years and hasn’t had half the problems.”

    MAX has had a lot of problems besides the crime issues going on. The drunk in the tunnel didn’t help matters at all.

  5. Yeah I was just talking about the Portland Streetcar which is a very similar operation to the Seattle Streetcar.

    I’m certainly not blaming or attacking the Seattle Streetcar (infact I’m a regular rider of the Portland Streetcar). I just can’t help but notice the bad luck the SLUS has unfortunately had.

  6. Jon,
    I think you’ll find that the South Lake Union car runs down streets that are far more like Broadway and Burnside than 10th/11th and Lovejoy/Northrup. As well, there have been plenty of “incidents” in Portland both during the initial shakedown period and later but few resulted in interruptions of service so they weren’t reported like the South Lake Union stuff. Have you already forgotten the ’06 car door removal (admittedly caused by a notoriously careless driver)? And the almost daily tally of removed truck mirrors? ;)

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