This Op-ed does a great job explaining the history of the brand of congestion pricing that is coming out of Washington. It’s interesting to note that environmental groups that think congestion pricing is the solution to traffic problems are on the same side of the fight with neocons who think that no public money should be spent on transportation. It’s also scary to think that the money for congestion pricing studies are coming straight out of federal bus service money.
It’s a good read.

2 Replies to “Congestion Pricing”

  1. I would recommend doing some better research about the effect tolls have on the environment and transit utilization. There is a very good reason why environmentalist can agree with the libertarians on this one.

  2. Hey, I am not against congestion pricing per se, and the environmentalist in me loves the idea.

    I don’t like them taking away bus service money and spending it on a right-wing agenda, however.

    We need better rapid transit first, before we start tolling poor people off the roads while cutting their bus service.

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