The first of the Amtrak Cascades trainsets; the Mt. Rainier have been released and is in service between Seattle and Eugene, Oregon. I am not sure on what it’s circulation will be and I’m awaiting to see if I can use some photos from the author on the interior photos.

The Mt. Olympus trainset is next for the refurbishing program.

When all of the trainsets are completed, Talgo service to Vancouver, BC will resume though the second train to Vancouver, BC starting later this year should be Talgo equipment.

The State of Washington owns 3 of the 5 trainsets while Amtrak owns the other two sets.

Mt. Rainier (State)
Mt. Olympus (State)
Mt. Adams (State)
Mt. Hood (Amtrak)
Mt. Baker (Amtrak)

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  1. Does anyone know what work specifically is being done? Has someone who has seen the refurbed trains comment? The website mentions only generalities.

    On a recent trip to Portland, the most glaring issue I noticed was the very dated A/V systems. The movie looked and sounded like it being played on a worn out VHS tape.

  2. Audio/Visual improvements, removal of curtins in coach class (unknown for biz class)

    All seats except in the Bistro/Lounge car are leather.

    Coach seats is leather tan, Business Class is leather brown

    Improvements to the toilet system and other train line improvements were made.

    While you need to be a member to see the full size pictures, the thumbnails are available here,1644468

  3. I have been wanting to try this out for quite a while. I am intrigued. Sounds fun, quick, and scenic.

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