This post originally appeared on Orphan Road.

Former Mercer Island Mayor Aubrey Davis takes a hammer to Dino Rossi’s transportaiton proposal in today’s Seattle Times:

Engineering studies show that dumping eight lanes of traffic from 520 onto an already congested I-5 and I-405 would virtually shut down both freeways and create gridlock across the region. I-5 and I-405 would become the most expensive parking lots on Earth. Connecting an eight-lane 520 to I-5 and I-405 would be like trying to connect a fire hydrant to a garden hose, and the ones getting wet would be us, the taxpayers.

It has been estimated that billions of dollars in new lanes on I-5 and I-405 would be needed to make this fire hydrant-to-garden hose connection that Rossi proposes even remotely possible. These costs are not accounted for in Rossi’s plan and funding is not available.

Davis clearly hasn’t read the part of Ross’s plan where he promisies free jet skis for everyone.