6 Replies to “Metro wants your feed back on their new sign ideas”

  1. They can’t really be MyBus numbers, because those are timepoints, which most stops don’t have. (Alternatively, each individual route would need a different number.) What you really want is each stop to have a unique number, and them to have MyBus use those numbers.

  2. I wonder how much this is going to cost? Aren’t there over 15,000 individual bus stops throughout the county? If the $1,106 iSignal Bus Stop Beacons are any indication, I imagine it’s going to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    (Metro buses are getting more security cameras. Going up from 100 to 245 by the end of June).

  3. Mark, let us geeks take care of that timepoint issue. Just as long as there’s a unique number on the sign, it should be good.

  4. For MyBus numbers, different routes can share the same timepoint number. For example 101 for 1 Av S/S Jackson St can be used by Rts 21, 22, 56, 57, 116, 118, and 119.

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