Sound Transit had another solid audit report this week.

The annual financial audit for 2007, conducted by KPMG LLP, found that the agency complied in all material respects with federal program requirements. It found no reportable conditions or material weaknesses involving internal control, and no instances of non-compliance required to be reported under Government Auditing Standards.

Sounds like the kind of administration that we should scrap immediately, and replace with a directly elected board like the squeaky-clean Port of Seattle.

5 Replies to “Another Great Audit”

  1. It’s rather unfortunate that a compltely unbiased assessment from a private firm will be ignored but the State’s Auditor who uses weasel words to acknowledge ST’s successes in a way that allows people to slam them will be taken full measure.

    It makes me wish for $6 gas.

    1. Only one way to counter that. Tell your friends about it and if you see the State Auditor’s words being used to slam ST in the newspaper, write a rebuttal to the editor.

      1. I do as often as I can.

        The P-I ignored me when I flipped out (well, wrote to them) about their article describing the Auditor’s plans to re-audit ST. They described ST2 as a “$30 Billion Plan” and didn’t mention roads.

        This is why I am kinda seeing the reason a former co-worker said “The P-I isn’t legitimate press.”

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