This showed up in our inbox recently.  I hope they spend some time trying to educate Southeast Seattle residents about the value of density, because if people that live there are interested in helping the environment they’d best stop supporting policies that help to destroy it.

Getting more bus service requires and legislating carbon reduction requires someone to get money from somewhere, so there’s political pushback.  In contrast, lifting zoning restrictions and parking requirements rarely has any political opposition aside from local residents.  Absent that opposition , it’s a politically and fiscally low-cost method of encouraging lots of transit and walkable neighborhoods.

Anyway, show up if you’re so inclined:

More walkable neighborhoods. Better Bus Service. Dedicated Bike Lanes. Regional Rapid Transit.

Wish we could fix our transportation system? We can!

Come to this hands-on event where you and your neighbors work with transportation experts for a climate-friendly future.

  • Build support for transportation improvements underway in your neighborhood.
  • Imagine and plan for an economical and environmentally-friendly transportation future.
  • Learn about key climate actions regionally and nationally.
  • Learn how to make your voice heard by elected officials and policy makers.

“This is a great opportunity for Southeast Seattle to take a leadership role.” — Senator Adam Kline

When: July 12, 2008
10:00am – 2:00pm (doors open 9:30am)
Where: New Freeway Hall
5018 Rainier Ave S. (4 blocks south of S. Alaska)

Food and drink provided (bring your own mug!)
Free admission – Donations accepted.

Space is limited. Please RSVP on-line to reserve your spot.

Hosted by Sustainable South Seattle

Climate Action Labs are a project of the Seattle Climate Dialogues and Northwest Environmental Education Council, with help from WSU Extension and TGreen Consulting.

2 Replies to “Climate Action Lab July 12”

  1. But will anyone show up? At least, anyone that isn’t predisposed to come (ie, people who already agree with everything being talked about)?

  2. Martin, thanks for posting this!

    We will have a breakout session on “land use” (led by Sara Nikolic of Futurewise), so density and parking will both be well-covered. Other breakouts include: bikes, pedestrian, transit, funding/tolling, and climate.

    As to whether only the choir will show up — yes (mostly), but that’s what this event is for. The main purpose of this event is to help people move from a place of concern about these issues to knowing how to be effective citizen advocates on it, and to connect people into the growing network of great org’s working in this area.

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