This post originally appeared on Orphan Road.

Ho hum. Another quarter, another ridership record for Sounder, up 31% YOY.

Gee, it sure seems like people in the Puget Sound like their rail transit and want to see more of it. Too bad the Seattle Times is looking down their noses at these folks and basically telling them to go screw themselves.

Sorry to be crude, here, folks, but where’s the last place on Earth where people still buy and read printed newspapers? THE GODDAMNED TRAIN, THAT’S WHERE. The paper’s worth peanuts these days, you’d think that an injection of tens of thousands of new rail riders into the area would make them smile.

I know, I know… the Times editorial board and ownership is staffed by honorable public servants who would never use the editorial page to advance their financial self-interest.

Oh wait.