Photo from Jade Gordon, found in the STB Flickr Pool.

3 Replies to “News Round Up”

  1. yay, I hate the Pine street overpass of I-5. Thanks for putting that here, I missed it in the news somehow.

  2. Why I oppose Light Rail and approve of a more extensive bus system. To use the light rail system I would be forced to travel to down town Seattle to end at my work place in Bellevue. Now for a Snohomish County resident that seems to me to be heading in the wrong way at a very expensive cost . I don’t mind helping my fellow man, but at this time I don’t see any reciprocal benefit light rail coming back to me while I pay the bill. So I will again vote against all transit proposals because I believe the transit initiative will leave me poorer in money as well as service.

    1. Frank, this proposal includes light rail to Lynnwood. You could take a bus or drive to the Lynnwood station and get to Bellevue. Even if you don’t end up taking light rail to work, those that do will ease congestion on I-5, I-90, and I-405. Finally, the proposal includes a 30% expansion of ST Express bus service within Snohomish County. Also, keep in mind, that every dollar raised in Snohomish County will be used for Snohomish County projects or bus services.

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