STB is looking to publish endorsements in the Aug. 19 primary races.  As the blog is, in theory, non-partisan, we are evaluating candidates solely on the basis of their transportation and land-use policies.  We’re also not afraid to endorse nobody if none of them are perceptibly pro-transit.

Anyhow, with all the state legislative races, we’re not really able to easily track all of the candidates.  If you know of anyone that we ought to be endorsing, feel free to mention them in the comments, preferably with a link to the relevant part of their campaign website.

6 Replies to “Endorsements?”

  1. Take a good look at Rodney Tom and Harry Mar. Last year I met with a wide array of representatives (or at the federal level, their staff), from Nickels & Sims to Eddy, Inslee, etc. The point of the discussion was to get the ball rolling on changes in the state constitution so that the state could fund lite rail. At the federal level I wanted highway funding and rail funding to be lopped into the same bucket, which would not only immediately open up staggering amounts of money to rail construction, but would be a better use of taxpayer money (in that grants would not discriminate on the method of transportation, but awarded strictly on the basis of which transpotation projects best met established criterion in design, planning, community support, etc.).

    Nickels and Tom were the biggest supporters of rail, with Tom agreeing that changes had to be made at the state level.

    I throw in Mar because, if I understand correctly, Spokane is supposed to be looking at either lite rail (to run to Cour de’Lene) or surface trams. I never talked to him directly, but he has commented before that the new state divide is not East-West, but urban vs. rural, and I think he is referring in part to rail funding. My impression, average Joe citizen.

  2. In the 41st District state senate race you should endorse Fred Jarrett. I can’t find any detailed info transportation issues on his website, but when I talked to him before the last election he sounded supportive. His opponent Bob Baker is a member of the Eastside Transportation Association, has an endorsement from Kemper Freeman on the flyer I got in the mail, and seems to think that even buses are a waste of money (

    The 41st includes most of South Bellevue and Mercer Island, so having a supportive legislator would be really good for East Link.

  3. You should endorse Marko Liias in the 21st district. His website doesn’t have issues listed (, but he’s supportive of mass transit, light rail, etc.

    His opponent basically supports more roads and Eyman’s initiative (, “using new anti-gridlock strategies, synchronizing traffic lights…. alleviate congestion… will not support the implementation of tolls”).

  4. Would you consider endorsing someone other than Gregoire and Rossi in the governor race, since they’re lukewarm at best on rail (and Rossi is far worse)?

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