In this Crosscut piece, Clark Fredricksen talks about the Mass Transit Now campaign, the campaign fighting for the Sound Transit expansion measure that will be on the ballot this November. It’s good reporting from Mr. Fredricksen, he states the campaign’s position, who the major opponents are, where the story is the same as last year and more importantly, where it’s different. If you haven’t been following the politics of the transit expansion measure and would like to, that article will get you off the ground pretty quickly.

I have two comments on the piece. Fredricksen asks if Facebook can propel the campaign to victory. Well, I guess that’s up to all of us, so add yourself to the “Mass Transit Now” group in Facebook if you have an account! Fredricksen also says “it’s not clear yet whether King County Executive Ron Sims, who opposes ST2, will be quiet or active in his criticisms.” I’ve heard Ron Sims say he won’t campaign against the proposal on what used to be the Robert Mak show, and is now the Dennis Bounds show. I guess I really was the only person watching that show.

Anyway, join the Facebook group and let’s get moving toward transit expansion!

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  1. The Facebook group should be very useful in organizing the college-going transit supporters out there. I’ll see how many friends I can get to join.

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