It seems like it. The day after Biden mentioned Amtrak twice in his speech at the Democratic National Contenvtion, Amtrak is all over the news. This AP article mentions Biden’s connections to Amtrak. This Reuters piece highlights what Amtrak’s poor funding gives us: trains that are usually slow, usually overcrowded and late more often than they ought to be. This Bloomberg Piece talks about Amtrak’s rising ridership – it’s up 14% this year from last year, and last year was a record – and some of Amtrak’s plans to handle the new riders.

One Reply to “Are People Finally Noticing How Poorly Funded Amtrak Is?”

  1. These 2006 numbers represent a pretty longstanding average of the federal funding picture for national transportation networks:

    Rail’s (Amtrak’s) annual subsidy is $1.3 billion

    Highways get $34 billion

    Air travel gets $14 billion (not counting the $15 billion infusion of funds after September 11th).

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