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$250,000 Sound Transit truck can’t fit in tunnel

This was incorrectly reported as a half-million dollar mistake by some TV outlets, although just one $250,000 truck is going to be sold, presumably at a loss of less than $250K.  But hey, big numbers make big headlines, right?

It’s true that this kind of thing is a drop in the bucket on a multi-billion dollar project — less than 0.01% of the budget — but Sound Transit really needs to step up their game.  Their reputation for good management is already not where it should be, because the previous regime messed up pretty thoroughly and the string of overwhelmingly positive audits haven’t really entered the public conversation.

Because of that, stuff like this and the domain name fiasco really aren’t helpful.  It’s an election year, guys — get with the program.

4 Replies to “Truck Follies”

  1. Amen!

    I get two responses when I encourage people to vote Yes on Prop. 1:

    1) “It’s expensive and transit sucks.” This one I can debunk pretty easily.

    2) “Sound Transit is a disaster, and I want transit but ST sucks.” Mishaps like this make it hard to argue.

  2. ST’s current “mishaps” are trivial when viewed as part of the big picture. $250,000 for a truck that can be resold to recoup most of the $$$ for the mistake, and failure to file a change of address form with the Web host– c’mon now.

    On the things that count, completing projects on time and on budget, the agency’s been doing a stellar job since 2001.

    1. Absolutely. New trains online shortly, light rail in testing with no blocking issues, constant expansion of bus service and major infrastructure upgrades to support that bus service, and most of these projects on time and under budget.

      I laugh at claims that there’s something wrong. All projects of this size are subject to delay and cost increases. Just look at software projects, or road infrastructure, or even large buildings. Things happen, that doesn’t mean you should stop, and when an agency rights itself, give it kudos for doing so!

      1. I think ST might get more kudos when the line starts running, or if Prop. 1 passes (politicians generally garner more support after winning an election, I don’t know if the same holds true for agencies.).

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