13 Replies to “Prop One Polling Well”

  1. 49% of likely voters in the transit district say they are certain to vote Yes on the issue.

    I am bursting. I am so happy right now.

    1. I agree, this is GREAT news! I just hope the current contagion on Wall Street doesn’t influence voters to close the wallets…

  2. Let’s keep in mind that the negative ads haven’t even started yet. It’s important that transit advocates define the message rather than the rich guys who are anti-everything. I encourage everyone to consider volunteering — or, at least, show up at tomorrow night’s kickoff event.

  3. As I recall, polling was a lot more grim last year (but still nudged into the yes category)… this is good news, but we still need to get out and do stuff.

    I’m registering people to vote and canvassing. When going door to door, I think they want me to get support for Gregoire and Prop 1 and express what I know about I-985. I obviously can’t tell people who to vote for when registering them to vote, but they do volunteer that info pretty readily.

    1. I have a big fear that I-985 will pass because I think a lot of drivers think is sounds “common sense.” :/

      1. I can tell you with absolute certainty that if I-985 passes, the initiative process will be attacked by small towns all over the state.

        This is the most dangerous initiative on Tim Eyman’s part and can damage his credibility immensely. It digs into the general fund, has no verifiable benefits and potentially violates the initiative process by addressing multiple governmental processes at once.

        Furthermore, it cuts into his biggest Puget Sound base on the eastside by decreasing revenue and pulling pre-existing congestion abatement measures.

      2. Im getting sick of supporting all you peoples ride to work. This should be payed for by user fees not tax payers that fund their own mode of transportation and will NEVER use public transportation.

      3. That’s funny, last I checked roads were funded by taxpayers too. Do you use roads to get to work?

  4. Survey USA poll last year was something like 25% yes for Roads & Transit/ Prop 1. So, you have to take their work with a grain of salt. But it’s definitely a big jump from last year.

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