12 Replies to “Prop. 1 on The Conversation”

  1. Somewhat unrelated, but a coworker saw a woman taking MassTransitNow signs down near Bellevue Way, and Main. She had about 8 in her hand and when confronted refused to give them back and insisted on throwing them away. So much for a fair campaign.

    1. I put up a yard sign near Bellevue Ave & Olive St (at a 545 spot), and the wire holder has been unstable recently so the sign keeps falling over and I think to myself, “Oh I’ll put it back up tomorrow morning.” What’s remarkable is that some other people keep on putting the sign back up and making sure people see the message. :D

      I think the yard sign story reminds us that to really spread the word we can’t just rely on websites or yard signs. We have to step up and spread the word ourselves by volunteering. Find out more at http://www.masstransitnow.org.

    1. Dori Monson endorsing Prop 1? No. He’s a smart guy, but I’m not sure he’s going to be all for something like this.

      If he does, I’ll have to tell my roommate thank you for whatever he did because he might be the only one in that building that’s truly for transit and I’m sure that karma rubbed off.

      1. No, I’m joking — Dori will not endorse any transit measure any time soon, I’m sure.

  2. I listened to a few minutes of Dori’s show…he’s trying to make the case agaist light rail becuase people MAY get killed trying to cross the tracks in Rainier Valley and he’s citing a statistic that 60 people in LA have been killed and that community represenatives in Rainier Valley want him to speak for the needs of the campaign. One caller went after him for a ludicrous argument.

    I think Robin Williams said it best, “a compassionate conservative is like a Volvo with a gunrack.”

      1. Its true, how many people die every year in car accidents. Its a pathetic counter argument used by anti-transit folks to basically mask the fact they just dont want to pay for anything they wouldn’t use even if went from their front door to their work with no stops in between.

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