As commenter Oran points out, the service changes brochure is already online.

Southwest King County front page

Southwest King County brochure (pdf)

We’ve talked a lot about Southeast Seattle changes, but not this area of King County.  Interestingly, they’ll be impacted not only by LINK to the Airport, but also the Pacific Highway RapidRide opening in 2010.

Since I don’t understand its commute patterns as well, I had less of a vision for what this service should look like.   Nevertheless, it looks like they’re working pretty hard to tie in the Tukwila Sounder station and Southcenter with light rail.  I know I’m disagreeing with many a colleagues when I point out that a Boeing Access Road LINK station would get rid of the need for a lot of this by organically collecting Sounder, LINK, and I-5 buses all in one place.

They’re also encouraging a good chunk of the population West of I-5 to take bus to RapidRide to light rail, and on into downtown Seattle.

I’m a little disappointed to see no mention of extended service on Route 180, which connects SeaTac station to Kent and Auburn, to late evenings.  It seemed like a good opportunity for people to have a way of spending an evening in the city without dealing with the horror show of buses and cars trying to leave a major event.  After all, what good is frequent service 20 hours a day if you can’t get to it?  Ah, well.

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  1. Dropping the Boeing Access Road stop from this phase was a bit of a mistake. I know why they did it but considering the job center and the transit node possibilities down there, well…

  2. I didn’t even think about the 180 and I live on that route! I heard a couple of bus drivers a few months back talking about trying to terminate the 150 at a station instead of sending it downtown which sounded HORRIBLE for someone like me who already has to sit on that route for an hour at a time.

    The 180 moves quicker though, at least from Kent to the airport, and would provide cut travel time between Kent/Auburn and downtown. For those traveling from south of Kent station it wouldn’t mean any extra transfers either. Let’s hope they consider adding evening service to the airport next year.

  3. Sounder definitely needs more nodes at their train stations. Everybody doesn’t commute to Seattle… How about using Kent Station or Tukwila station as a transfer node and have timed connections with a fast, direct bus (preferably the double deckers like CT!) to employment centers like Bellevue or Redmond? The 560/564/565 are way too local and so slow. The Eastside needs express service.

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