As we did for the primary, STB plans to post transit-oriented endorsements for the November general election.  (I’m sure you’re all wondering where we’ll come down on Prop. 1).  That should come out within a week, but until then we’re willing to entertain nominations for otherwise obscure politicians we should be endorsing.  There are a lot of legislative districts, and we’re certainly not able to keep tabs on all the candidates.

Anyone we should notice?  Let us know in the comments.  We’re looking for candidates that roughly to conform to our core transit principles.  Things that help:

  1. A link to something they’ve done that conforms to those principles.
  2. A link to something they’ve said that conforms to those principles.

What isn’t particularly helpful, however, is “I spoke privately to x and she said what I wanted to hear.”  Not only is it unverifiable, but that’s what good politicians do, whatever their actual intentions.

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  1. The Herald has a good briefing on the races in the north end. Due to the rural nature of some of these areas, transportation does not always equate to transit. Among the ones specifically mentioned are 44 Dist, Pos 1; 21st Dist, Pos 2; and 1st Dist. There is also a Monroe roads bond on the ballot the mention in a column.

    The link to all of these is here:

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