A little over a week ago, WSDOT and Sound Transit completed Phase I of the I-90 Two-way HOV project.  The project is going to add a single HOV lane in each direction on the main roadways of I-90, between I-405 and I-5.

Phase I completed this widening from I-405 to the Mercer Island Park & Ride on the Westbound side, including a new HOV off-ramp.  As the afternoon reverse commute is the worst of all the I-90 commute permutations, this I-90 reverse commuter applauds the completion of this project almost a year head of schedule.

Unfortunately, Phases 2 (eastbound on the same stretch) and 3 (the main span of the bridge) aren’t funded for completion, unless, of course, Proposition 1 passes, which fully funds the lanes to free up the center Express lanes for light rail, which will carry several times as many people as the existing lanes would.

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  1. Thanks for you alert on the need for the additional funds for the 2nd and third Phases of the R8A project. to complete it and get it into Seattle. Everyone who supports should contact their
    Legislators and help reform WSDOT so that it can change its highway culture and become a multi-modal Transportation agency.

    Since the 1960s our region was promised that I-90 would be the
    crosslake corridor for LRT service to reduce the eastside auto dependent sprawl. Many took legal action and tried to change the I-90 plans into an federal Interstate “Withdraw and Substitution” law that allowed some of the Interstate funds to be used to build transit, as Portland did, but there was opposition.
    The I-90 structure was to be built strong enough to allow LRT to be added later, and now that is again being studied, due to state legislated interests.
    Unknowlngly to the public, an early agreement was struck to allow Mercer Islanders to have their own private driveway on the I-90 express lanes between MI and Seattle, and MI residents are petitioning against any I-90 user/fee/tolls.
    We could use those tolls to help pay for the 2nd and 3rd phases of the R8A project, along with the Prop.1 funds, so we could move ahead on opening the 2 new HOV lanes,adjacent to the mainline lanes, and start to build LRT to Bellevue, Overlake and Redmond ASAP.
    This debate has been going on too many years–global warming, peak oil from dictators,the economy and being the only city on the west coast without a transit system that is more efficient and faster than buses has got to end. If Prop.1 fails and I-985 passes this region will return to the Transportaiton “Dark Ages.”

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