The Seattle Times has a big piece today featuring some comments from our very own Big Media Ben.  The accompanying graphic is truly a work of art, that really strips out all the misleading aggregate numbers and breaks down what goes where.

If I have to quibble, I’d like to have seen some sort of reference to sub-area equity, because I think the misperception that each sub-area’s money is going to fund somebody else is both common and cynically exploited by anti-transit opponents.  After all, the individual sub-area revenues and budgets are broken out here (Page A-5).  As an undecided Pierce County voter, for instance, I’d probably be interested in exactly what the project did for me and my neighbors, and making sure it wasn’t a scam causing me to fund a bunch of hippies on Capitol Hill.

All in all, however, bravo.

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    1. I know the polls are not scientific but so far Yes on Prop 1 is leading significantly (64% Yes vs 30% No vs 5% Undecided) for 857 votes. Same with today’s article and poll on I-985 with 67% against and 29% for after 319 votes.

  1. The very first couple of lines were a little weird, but the article was pretty good too. Lindblom has gotten better, maybe Ben has gotten into his head.

  2. Real classy, Martin.

    I’m already getting a station, why should *I* be voting for light rail aside from being a railfan? I don’t go to Bellevue and I live within walking distance of work. What’s in it for me?

      1. Yeah, it’s my attempt to channel the undecided Pierce County voter, with a little A. Birch Steen thrown in.

        If you’re in Capitol Hill, you’ve still got plenty to worry about. A lot can happen between now and 2016, and something bad is less likely to happen if ST2 passes.

        More importantly, as I alluded to in a different post that day, it would be foolish to assume that you’re going to live and work at the same locations in 2023. ST2 makes it fairly likely that wherever in the region you live and work, you’re fairly likely to be within reasonable distance of a light rail station.

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