Andrew V over at NPI has a nice take-down of the ‘No’ campaign’s misleading ads, and a good look at the ‘Yes’ Campaign’s ads. With Clips!

8 Replies to ““No” Campaign’s ads”

  1. As I commented before, their ads will be (and are) of the “blah-blah-eleventy-billion-dollars” and “Sound Transit is incompetent” formats – this should have been obvious to anyone who looked at the donors and the post-Prop 1 (2007) polling. Nary a word about the red herrings (BRT) that get you dumb*** exercised. And why? Because the actual BRT proponents (Sims, for one) may be personally and professionally opposed to Prop 1 but they are not members of Kemper Freeman’s little cabal and have zero cash.

    1. cjh, we don’t tolerate comments like this on STB. If you have disagreements with people here, you can register them without personal attacks.

  2. Waahhh wahhh. What a prissy, typically Seattle attitude.

    Look dumb*** is pretty low on my scale of personal insults. You haven’t reached the level of douchebag or evil ***, certainly.
    Edited for language

    1. Oh you’re not impressing anyone. We have an audience of all ages and we’re not going to let comments turn into flame wars rather than useful discussions.

  3. I am not aiming to impress anyone, least of all you.

    That I am obviously riling you by posting a few minor swears and insults is, however, highly entertaining to me personally.

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