At the recent debate between Kemper Freeman and Mayor Greg Nickels at the UW, Freeman accidentally seconded the argument for more mass transit: It helps rush hour commuters.

The opposition has no alternative plan, and they don’t even understand the problem. Don’t let them ruin the region’s future. Vote YES on Sound Transit Proposition 1 November 4th (it will be at the bottom of your ballot – don’t be confused by your local city prop 1)! You can read our full list of endorsements here.

Even though the election is just days away, there’s still lots to do. Talk to all your friends, coworkers, and random strangers (girls love it when you talk about trains) and make sure they understand how important this proposition is. As always, visit the official ‘yes’ campaign website at for more information.

26 Replies to “When was the last time you were stuck in gridlock at 5am?”

  1. “50% of rush hour commuters on transit”? Where did that come from? Are we really going to achieve those kind of New York numbers?

    In my voter’s pamphlet, Prop 1 comes before the City of Seattle measures, right after King County’s whopping eight (!) charter amendments.

  2. That is the whole value of transit! Nickels is awesome.

    I voted against all the charters except the discrimination one. I didn’t have any idea why I would ever want those things.

    1. Most of the charters are things passed by the council that just need voter approval. The ones with ordinance numbers are basically all good.

    2. Bravo for voting on the discrimination thing. How that didn’t get taken care of years ago I don’t understand. It really REALLY aggravates me.

      This is the second non-transit mini-rant I’ve gone on here in fifteen minutes. I need to stop.

  3. I’m straying off point here, but it annoys me when charter amendments like these are sent to voters. It’s a sign of poor leadership that something as administrative and political as the fine details of how ballots are released has to be voted on by the masses. How many collective hours did the citizens of King County waste on researching these things because of a little bit of in-fighting at the County level? I’d guess about 20,000.


      1. Some of the amendments are in case the Republicans get their ‘non-partisan offices’ thing through. They’re the backup plan.

  4. girls love it when you talk about trains

    That’s the best quote I’ve heard in a while. I think it needs to be turned into a T-shirt.

    1. I can personally verify that this is not in fact true. Most look a little glazed over when you start waxing about the many social and environmental benefits of a quality mass transit system.

      On another note, many women in our area seem to view vehicle ownership and use as a sign of success. Very unfortunate that I’m less of a man because I ride the bus (and a bike).

      1. Ha ha Ben.

        Come on, riding a bike is being a real man (or woman), especially in our crazy traffic and over our hilly city. You have to be brave, be strong, and be smart to survive.


      2. I haven’t seen too many “girls” on this blog, but all the smart women I know love BOTH buses and trains. Maybe you guys are hanging out with the wrong type of women.

        Personally, I have never met a true cyclist who was not totally hot. There is nothing sexier than protecting my future…

      3. I think Eric is the only person here with license to talk about ‘girls’. Well, he and Brian. The rest of us are ancient. So, fair criticism.

        Cyclists are always hot!

  5. Your not saying the right words about trains then. Think, powerful, surging, locomotives, pushing their …..

    well, you get it

  6. Some women love trains. Sometimes train rides can be ummmmm “romantic.”

    I shan’t elaborate being that this is a family-friendly blog.

    Oh to be 15 again.

  7. Actually, I’m a girl.

    1) I like t-shirts, but like them better if they are “woman’s cut” if you want me to wear them. Men’s t-shirts are just not flattering except on a man.

    2) I like trains and buses. I think men are MORE manly for taking alternatives. Those who rely on cars to get around when they could use alternatives go down a notch in my book.

    3) I am a daily, year round bike commuter and consider myself pretty dang awesome for that. And yes, men who ride bikes are most definately much more attractive for that. I like spandex.

  8. Hmmm, this is good stuff.

    I guess the real questions to the women who replied is:

    Are you single?

    When am I going to meet you?

    Maybe at the Prop 1 Victory Party? Election night at Kell’s! Everybody ought to be there!

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