We’re having a meet-up, 7 pm this Wednesday at Collin’s Pub underneath the Smith Tower.

Should be very fun, hope you can make it!

10 Replies to “Meet-Up”

  1. Bummer. I was really hoping to eventually make it to one of the meet-ups. My new work schedule starts this week (3p-11p).

  2. Yeah, I can’t make it to that either. Wednesday night is a class night for me. I might be able to get there an hour and a half later.

  3. Just to pile on, I have a meeting that night as well. On the other hand, I’ll pretty scarce the next 2-3 weeks anyway.

  4. I can make it but can only stay till about 9. Have to be back up in Lynnwood for a bowling league around 930pm.

  5. I think I can make it, but don’t think I’ve ever met any of ya’ll… make sure you waive or something when the lanky guy in business attire shows up looking around confused and out of place.

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