In my world, one of the annoyingly ironic things about Veterans Day is that it wasn’t a work day for me until I actually became a veteran, thanks to job changes and the like.

Although some people will feel a different kind of frustration because it’s harder for them to get to work, your commute shouldn’t be affected unless you ride the Sounder or your route travels near the UW.

Full info for Metro and Sound Transit.

9 Replies to “Veterans Day Service Reductions”

      1. Let me break it down:

        Student: gets Veterans’ Day off
        Military, sitting around on base: get Veterans’ Day off
        Deployed Military: now technically a veteran, but most definitely working on Veterans’ Day.
        New Civilian Employer: Working

  1. Or if you work at or need to go to the airport. The 194’s “less service, more people” on holidays is one of the many reasons I can’t wait for Link to open!

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