Check out the 520 bridge survey here, put together by the Washington State DOT and the Washington State Transportation Commission.¬†I travel across the bridge every day, so I’m glad I get the opportunity to speak up. There are also a few questions¬†about spending a bit of the money on transit accross the lake.

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  1. I now understand variable instead of dynamic tolling on the bridges, but I’m not convinced at all that segment tolls should be abandoned. Seems like a lot of knee-jerk reactions from residents and politicians about traffic diversion pushed the tolling committee to abandon the idea, but from what I heard at the open house Thursday at UW, they have little data on what kind of diversion or how much would occur as the result of tiny 40 to 80 cent tolls on 520 outside the bridge. The whole highway is being replaced, not just the bridge. The whole thing should be tolled. We need to get as much tolling going as possible as a precedent for a region-wide system of tolls on all highways. They slash congestion and produce many times more funding for transit than we’ll ever be able to raise elsewhere. If there are data-driven reasons not to do segment tolls, that’s fine. But if it’s just irrational fears, it should at a minimum be tried.

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