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Amtrak CEO Alex Kummant has resigned:

Amtrak spokesman Cliff Black declined to comment on the specific reasons for Kummant’s departure, but said the executive and Amtrak’s board ”had differences in strategic direction and management philosophy.”

Our past Kummant coverage here. It’s hard to see why the CEO would want to go out after Amtrak had two of its best years ever, and is about to see the inauguration of one of the most transit-friendly administrations since… well, ever. These are heady times for Amtrak.

If I had to make a totally uneducated guess, I would say that Kummant was more of an incrementalist, focused on small-bore, yet vital upgrades. He’s pooh-poohed the idea of building HSR in the Northeast Corridor in the past, saying it would be more cost-effective to beef up medium-speed rail corridors nationwide instead. It may be that the Amtrak board wants to use this opportunity to think big, and Kummant wasn’t down with that.

(Via the NY Observer)