3 Replies to “Top Ten Signs You’re a Transit Geek”

  1. #8. When visiting a new city, you make a point to ride its light rail, subway, bus, or ferry system. Even if–especially if–you have no where to go, because, well, duh.

    This certainly applies to me! I still have not been able to ride on TRAX in Salt Lake City when I have visisted it. In addition, one reason I took vacation in NYC was to try out a real subway. I did not tell my brother that, of course… It could have been a frightening experience getting lost in NYC!

  2. Whaddaya mean, “nowhere to go”? When I go on vacation, that’s where I’m going- to the transit system! The city that surrounds it is generally a lot like any other American city. Powell’s ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. The MUNI is.

    And for godsakes, if you haven’t seen where the cable gets spooled for the cablecars, you ain’t been to SF.

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