• Kitsap Transit raises fares, cuts service, including all buses on Sunday.
  • Bellevue is getting a free downtown bus shuttle in 2010 with 10 minute headways.  It’ll be branded as a Bellevue shuttle, so add it to Metro, ST, and RapidRide that’ll be serving that area.
  • In case you hadn’t heard, snow is comingChains on buses, snow routes, the whole nine yards.  Given how the bus system is likely to do tonight, light rail really can’t come soon enough.
  • Hertz launches a car-sharing service in New York, London, and Paris, to compete with Zipcar, Enterprise, and U-Haul, of which only Zipcar operates here.  Competition is a good thing.
  • Local Democrats are trying to nudge Ron Sims out of running for a fourth term.  We’ve had many problems with Sims over the years, but the man is committing to delivering the maximum amount of bus service.
  • Not really news, but Matt Yglesias continues his war on free parking:

    Here in DC, for example, we turn our parking meters off and have free parking downtown on Saturdays. People like convenient parking spaces. They’re valuable. And when you set the price of a valuable commodity at zero, you get parking shortages. Which is what we have on Saturdays in key retail corridors. Perversely, the stated reason for this policy of guaranteed shortages is that it’s supposed to encourage people to come downtown to shop.

    Same goes for Sounder Parking, by the way.

Image from Flickr contributor Chris Moucha.

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  1. Ha! Bellevue proposes new bus service and what happens? In the same paper linked above there’s an opinion piece claiming buses are just a subsidy for those living in the city of Bellevue. (anyone else thinking of certain east-siders and their option of ST2? and perhaps further remembering all of the talk about how they weren’t anti-transit, but actually pro-bus?)

  2. Hmm, wonder if this means there might be a Bellevue streetcar in the cards at some point in the future. Certainly it shows the City of Bellevue is serious about providing access to transit service.

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