According to this King County website, there’s been a production problem with the run of January 2009 PugetPasses, so many customers may not receive their passes in the mail in time for next month.  They are also not in stock at the various walk-up sales outlets.

Not to fear, however.  I’ve received word that December 2008 PugetPasses will be honored through January 9, 2009 on Sound Transit, King County Metro, Community Transit, Pierce Transit, and Everett Transit.  The flyer, of which I’ve seen an advance copy, will allegedly be out on in the next few days.

In other fare news, the visitor pass will cease to exist in January.  With ORCA on its way in Spring, we can expect a major revision of the entire pass structure.

Remember, also, that your February pass’s value may have to be 25 cents higher to keep up with rising Metro fares.

6 Replies to “January Puget Passes Delayed”

  1. Riding transit should be no harder than getting in to see your favorite movie. Pick the theater, the movie, showing times, and select a ticket. Last time I checked, Metro had nearly 300 fare medias to choose from (Metro “The Book” sec. 6).
    Everything from cash/coin, transfers, designer puget passes, jury tickets, old tokens,peak, off-peak, zone, weekend,GoPass, Flexpass, in many denominations and time frames(monthly, quarterly, yearly).
    Try standing in line at your local theater waiting for the usher to figure out if your ticket is valid– or maybe he’ll just let everyone in for free — like some drivers do.
    Add the complexity of multiple transit systems and a ferry system and no wonder visitors, new transit users, and many veteran riders are shy about trying to ride the bus.
    The fare system is LONG OVERDUE for mass simplification.
    Git er done!

  2. (briefly considers printing and laminating a “SeattlePass” just to see if it would confuse a driver enough to let me on)

    1. Which color would you like than in?
      It would work a lot more often than you think. Just don’t swipe it.

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