Some commenters are picking up snow-related bus chaos tonight.  It’s supposed to melt overnight, but share your discoveries here.

We have unconfirmed reports of unpublished reroutes, canceled routes, and all the other silliness, but not a peep out of the Metro website as of 8:48 pm.  Does no one working on Sunday evening have the password?

UPDATE 8:56pm: According to this link, Metro will make the call for Monday morning service at 10pm tonight.

UPDATE 10:29pm: As of 9:51 tonight, the adverse weather page is being updated and has a prominent link on the front page.  Please refresh your browser if you are not seeing it.

If the Monday plan was finalized at 10pm as previously suggested, it hasn’t been posted on the Metro site or RPIN at the moment.

UPDATE 10:37pm: “Seattle911” blogger Casey McNerthney is all over this developing story.  The Monday morning Keystone-Port Townsend ferries are canceled, and salt is being used on selected Seattle streets.

No word from Community Transit or Sound Transit.   All Pierce Transit routes are on snow detour at the moment.

UPDATE 10:51pm: I’m turning in, with no word on the plan for Monday.  Unless one of the other bloggers keeps it going, check back here a little after 5:30am.

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  1. Here’s my main comment …

    Ok, I know this caught everyone, including Metro, off guard, so I’ll cut them a lot of slack there. Here’s where I won’t cut them any slack: They have absolutely nothing right now on their website about routes being cancelled or rerouted. I have a scanner, and I heard them cancel the 44, and reroute other buses, and I even posted about it here an hour ago. I just with they would make getting information out to the public a bigger priority. There are people out there right now checking the internet with their PDA’s, etc., trying to find out where there bus is. And even if they call in to Rider Information, I would bet anything that the person answering the phone, if there’s even anyone there, doesn’t have accurate information about what’s not running, and what’s on snow route, etc. Their system for handling this kind of situation is broken.

  2. i live right near the beginning for the 48 route and saw a 48 stuck blocking an intersection where they turn around… so we’ll see if any can get past or if the 48 is done for the night :)

  3. Corrections from above..

    “I just *wish*….” and “trying to find out where *their* bus is.”

    I’m sure they are short-staffed right now, being a Sunday night and all, but there has to be a solution to this information dissemination problem. Perhaps they could utilize IT volunteers working from their homes. Perhaps they could let the coordinators update the adverse weather page as they are taking calls. Something!

    1. Funny you should mention. I’ve been working on some tools to make it easier to publish re-routes so they can be shown in but my plate is kind of full right now and I haven’t made as much progress as I’d like. If anyone out there is interested in hacking on this stuff, drop me an email.

  4. I live near the end of the 255 route. No local buses passing by my house either. Buses are probably not going beyond Kingsgate P&R. With the kind of snow falling they might not make it past Kirkland TC with the artics. Granted this is Sunday evening with few buses out there but Metro and the DOTs must be ready Monday morning to make sure we don’t have any serious trouble like last time.

  5. It’s 10 PM. Many routes are on reroute. Still nothing on Metro’s website. How long would it take someone at Metro to post that list of reroutes? 5 minutes?

  6. 4 inches sticking now on Queen Anne. No bus update here, since I haven’t been outside except to check the ruler I stuck in the snow.

  7. Route 2 is kaput for tonight, apparently.

    Ah, guess I better contemplate getting up early tomorrow. I may have to walk in!

  8. I just got curious and checked SDOT’s plan for plowing streets, and found out why my street was not plowed during the last storm. It was not on the map for the snow routes, although being a relatively flat side street.

    Anyway, I hope Metro is ready for the plan unraveling, just in case, even though this is supposed to ran mixed with snow. Then again, who believes weathermen. Used to be able to say they are more truthful than politicians, but not lately.

    1. Well I wouldn’t expect side streets to be plowed at all most of the time. Even in places that see a lot of snow during the winter it takes the plows a while to get to the side streets.

      FWIW the weather around here is notoriously hard to predict, the terrain, water, and wind interact in all sorts of crazy ways. Weather forecasting has gotten much better than it used to be here but the models are far from perfect.

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