Photo by majinandoru in the STB Flickr Pool
Photo by majinandoru in the STB Flickr Pool

It’s that time again: a new set of schedules go into effect February 7.  As usual, Sound Transit is the first to announce their changes.   They’re reallocating the bays at the Overlake Transit Center, so pay attention.

The other big change is the new route 593, which runs from South Tacoma station to Downtown Seattle.

Service Change Highlights

ST Express

Route 513: Revised routing to serve new terminal in Everett
Route 532: Stops added in downtown Everett
Route 545: Bay reassignment at the Overlake Transit Center
Route 564/565: Bay reassignment at the Overlake Transit Center
Route 590: Minor schedule adjustments
Route 592: Minor schedule adjustments
Route 593: New route added to operate between new South Tacoma Station, Tacoma Dome Station and Seattle


South line: Minor schedule adjustments
North line: No changes

Tacoma Link

No changes

5 Replies to “Sound Transit Service Changes”

  1. Community Transit and Pierce Transit also announced their service changes.

    The first few pages of the new ST Transit Guide announces that the Prop 1 mass transit expansion will create new family-wage jobs, Link is coming in July (“Please look for the Link light rail rider’s guide for fare
    and schedule information as July approaches.”) and that ORCA is coming (“Look for more information about ORCA in the
    coming weeks. And get ready to ride smarter!”). There’s also a page telling riders that U-Link construction has started.

    I think Sound Transit has done a better job at communicating with customers than Metro has. They also have more style. Look at their mascot up in the photo; I hope he doesn’t bump his head on the way in.

  2. I really wish Metro would announce changes earlier than they do. It seems it’s usually about a week before the shake-up, but people need and deserve a little more time to plan for this. Even just an extra week (like CT and ST) would be greatly appreciated. Pierce almost always gives out new schedule info a month in advance.

  3. Yeah it’s important to know the changes so you can plan your work week. It’s not that complicated, at least, it shouldn’t be.

  4. I also just got an email from Sound Transit about the proposed ST express changes for the next few service revisions. Most of the June and September changes are more service for Snohomish County routes, and the Feb 2010 changes are mostly more service for South and East King and Pierce County routes. They are proposing a new Route 578 from Seattle to Federal Way, Auburn, Sumner, and Puyallup for June.

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