This hasn’t hit the Metro website yet because the new stop locations haven’t been determined, but Metro learned today that from the city and the contractor that the Spokane Street work is going to close the Eastbound surface  lanes of Spokane St. between 4th and 6th Avenues beginning Monday, February 23.

Southbound routes using the busway or 4th Ave and then turn left on Spokane St. to get on I-5 will instead turn East at Lander St. and proceed down 6th Avenue to the freeway.  Southbound stops on 4th and the busway at Lander St. and all points south will be closed, with substitute stops on 6th not yet determined.

The work is expected to last approximately 80 days.  The SDOT project page is here, although as of 9:20 pm last night there was nothing on this subject.  Be sure to check the Metro website over the next few days for more details.

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      1. Please do. While some of the issues debated here are contentious there is no reason to engage in personal attacks.

        While I enjoy the comment threads at horsesass or slog on occasion I’d be very disappointed if the comments here degenerated to that level.

  1. Since service has to be cut metro should just eliminate any routes using that section of the busway. Kind of like how Amtrak handles reroutes.

      1. Yea, just being snarky given how hard the service cuts will hit Seattle.

        I fear Metro will take an approach to cuts that will result in destroying ridership, usefulness, physical plant, staff morale, and whatever goodwill Metro has with the public at large.

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