This post originally appeared on Orphan Road.

SDOT chief Crunican seems pretty contrite about the city’s response to the snowstorms:

“We blew it,” Grace Crunican said, by waiting too long to ask for private contractors to help plow frozen streets. And while the city felt it was meeting its goals to keep major streets “passable,” it failed to see the bigger picture: residents stranded by icy streets, bus service that was forced to a halt and stores and restaurants struggling because customers couldn’t reach them.

It’s worth noting that, according to Crunican at least, the city’s haphazard response wasn’t just because this was a once in 100 year event that there was not hope in planning for, but simply because Crunican herself was driving around in a 4WD car and didn’t notice how bad things had gotten. Also, we don’t have to waste millions of dollars on snowplows that will sit idle, as some have suggested, but instead we can buy just a couple more and get better at hiring contractors. Sounds pretty reasonable to me.