I went into Bartell Drugs Sunday night to buy some bus tickets (a book of $1.75 tickets at $21) and found an announcement indicating that the March PugetPasses were having some manufacturing issues. The local transit agencies will be accepting February PugetPasses into March. You find more information on Metro’s website.

And yes, most of our media relations with Metro are done in the form of announcements posted at Bartell Drugs.

8 Replies to “February Passes Good Through Early March”

  1. I don’t get it… any ideas as to why the manufacturer would have so much trouble hitting production deadlines all of a sudden? This happened in January as well. It’s not like the deadline was sprung on them last minute. Is Metro using a new provider? I can’t help but think that this issue is not helping Metro’s budget woes.

    1. “I can’t help but think that this issue is not helping Metro’s budget woes.”

      How can it? March 13 is a full two weeks of free rides for anyone with a Feb pass. I’m not going to bother buying a March pass now since I’ll only probably take 18 March rides after March 13. It’ll also help me get rid of some accumulated coins.

  2. I have a Feb. pass but I’d have a hard time justifying using it through March 13th… If they’re actually available on Feb. 26th I’d be able to pick that up like normal without any inconvenience…

  3. I wonder if the delays could be because of a late-breaking decision about the timing of the ORCA switch-over?

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