If you’re a bus commuter, chances are you can recognize the bus drivers who get you to work and back. Well, now it’s time to really recognize them! Bus Chick is encouraging folks to participate in Bus Driver Appreciation Day, held on Wednesday March 18.

Next Wednesday, tell every driver whose bus you ride, “Happy Bus Driver Appreciation Day!” Make sure to keep smiling, even if they all look at you like you’re crazy. If you have a favorite driver, consider bringing him/her a card or other token–nothing that would be hard to keep on a bus all day, just something small to show your love. I talked to a few veteran drivers who suggested that jewelry was sufficiently small. They were kidding, of course. Sort of.

So, my fellow riders: Go forth, and appreciate. And oh yeah: Pass it on!

Why March 18? Every transit nerd should know that the first bus service in the world started on March 18, 1662 in Paris.

I’m a big fan of one driver in particular. He drives the #8 to Seattle Center that hits Broadway & John at 9:40 am and whenever I’m on his bus I enjoy a smoother-than-average ride that’s really fast, while some other drivers can sometimes be very gingerly along this particular route. I’ll have to give this driver some appreciation next Wednesday; maybe a giant cookie will do?

9 Replies to “Next Wednesday is Bus Driver Appreciation Day”

  1. Would you accept food from a stranger? give ’em a coffee card … or a gift card to Safeway or something

  2. Thanks for the head’s up on this.

    All the times drivers have waited for me after I frantically ran to catch their bus (coach?). That’s worth a $10 coffee card easy, especially combined with the sincere pleasantries that Metro drivers dispense at the beginning and end of a work day.

  3. Bus driver appreciation day, what a great idea!! I saw one bus driver on the route 2 express save our lives one day when a car thought they had enough time to make a turn in front of us. They were coming from the opposite direction and stopped in the intersection as there was a pedestrian in their crosswalk. Our bus would have killed the car driver had the bus driver not swerved into oncoming lane and went around the car, as their was no traffic in opposite direction. This was split second, life and death responding. Bus drivers have my respect. They put up with alot of BS from s#$%heads who have issues. For any disgruntled softie people that don’t appreciate bus drivers, you wouldnt last a day behind the wheel of a bus, so don’t f#$%ing complain.

  4. I never heard of a bus driver appreciation day. Is that everywhere? My bus driver would probably refuse it. He’s very quite and hardly talks to anyone. Don’t even know what he’s thinking.

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