14 Replies to “Link Light Rail Grand Opening Page is Online”

      1. Thanks, I saw this just after I posted that. Silly me, just yesterday I corrected another commenter on something that was in the first sentence of the article.

    1. no … the catenary wire is so low in the tunnel that it seems like it is stowed when in fact it is still deployed

    1. The thick lines look like the Washington Metrorail map but the spacing of the station dots is too close.

  1. I hope not as skeletel as we all fear the Beacon Hill Station is?

    I think we’ll get there but perhaps not on July 3rd. My birthday is on July 18th and so I declare that a fitting launch day! Other than finding a job by then, I can’t think of a better birthday present.


    1. My birthday’s July 6th, so if it’s on time or delayed by one or two days, my birthday is the first regular weekday of service, and if it’s delayed by three days, my birthday’s the first day, so a little delay doesn’t bother me too much. :)

  2. The way the buses come in from the left of the video reminded me of the 3-D animation they had a couple years back.

  3. OK, I am asking this question because I really do not know the answer. Will my bus pass or transfer work on light rail or will I have to pay again. How is that going to work. That is a consern that my friends on the 194 are really conserned about.

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