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    1. Another sad day for Seattle media and real leadership.
      As I capture news stories from around the nation each day, regarding the 8 Bil. stimulus package sitting on the table, elected leaders are making a big deal over ‘their’ need for a HSR line from A to B.
      Seattle has yet to run one story on the Cascade Corridor. KUDOS to STB for at least caring, and to you Brian, for being the lone voice in the woods.

      1. I wouldn’t blame the media so much. I suspect the stories you see are a result of an officeholder or state agency pushing the local press to write stories.

        It would appear there is nobody doing media relations for Cascades or they’re not doing a very good job.

      2. Your right, of course.
        Last week VP Biden, Kerry and a bunch of others showed up to tout the NE Corridor. Today, Ray LaHood is gushing about upstate NY to local electeds.
        Those photo ops are no accident.

  1. An observation I have noticed recently;

    Cascades: Leather Seats on all of the train sets installed between 2008 and 2009 as part of the refurbishment program.
    Acela: Just installing leather seats on some of the trains. Not all will get the new seats.

    Cascades: Experimental wifi that is reportedly working throughout the entire corridor with very minimal interruptions.
    Acela: No talks of wifi on the trains. This would be a huge, huge boom to the train if they went that way.

    What’s next between the two?

  2. Maybe they are getting the Wifi equipment used from Foothill Transit in eastern L.A. County?
    (Silver Streak is a Los Angeles to Montclair BRT line that uses Interstate 10)


    Attention Silver Streak Customers:

    Due to costs, low customer usage, and advances in cell phone and PDA technology, Foothill Transit will be removing free WiFi access on its Silver Streak service effective March 17, 2009.

    When Foothill Transit first launched its Silver Streak WiFi service in spring of 2007, it was intended to provide a unique, on-board amenity not available on any other transit service in Southern California. Recent advances in cell phone and PDA technology have reduced the need and the attraction for this kind of mobile wireless access.

    The resulting decline in usage and increasing costs associated with providing the service led Foothill Transit to cancel the free WiFi access in favor of preserving the funds for other bus services.

    We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for riding Foothill Transit.

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