Amtrak Cascades Trains at Rest in Seattle
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But only during the Olympics… The fate of this train all comes down to money now. I suppose I’d be in support of a minor fee added to the tickets for the border crossing fee, but still, the hostility is nothing but greed. I still don’t see airlines getting charged for passengers going to/from YVR, why should Amtrak? This is all greed and makes me very sour to even think about having to pay extra, when I would easily spend hundreds of dollars up there, like many other travelers do. A $10 surcharge would be needed to cover the expense using the 2008 ridership numbers with a bit of cushion. That surcharge should only apply to those passengers going to Canada.

This will raise the low price from $30 one way to $40 one way and a high of $50 to $60. Even with the current high fares, most of the weekend trains to Vancouver BC or to Seattle are sold out.

Regardless of that fact, it does appear that the second train will bring an expected benefit of nearly $14 million dollars of revenue to the Canadians.

Vancouver Sun story on April 1, 2009 – Vancouver Sun story on March 31, 2009 – H/T Ken Storey via

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  1. Airlines are indeed charged, if indirectly, for CBSA costs at YVR. What is unfair about CBSA behavior is that they basically want to charge the “new facilities” staffing rate for services an additional train at Pacific Central Station when additional international flights (or buses) DO NOT incur that charge.

  2. I’d guess that the bottom line here is: How badly do the city and provincial governments want this train, and if it is important, are they willing to pay the CBSA fees or arrange for their negation? If this train is not that important, and the expectation is that passengers pay the fee, I’d guess that is a message to WADOT that the trainset might better be used elsewhere in the Cascades corridor.

    1. Well, I’d rather go to Vancouver on Friday night than Saturday morning, let me tell you. :)

  3. What’s the point of this – this is like the Leavenworth snow train!

    So we don’t get the train until the Olympics next February and then what – it goes away and is never seen again?

    This sounds like a bunch of you know what to me – sort of like Potemkining used to be in Russia under Peter the Great – we’ll all look good when the world is watching but then when the world turns away again, so does the train.

    Is the final answer on this one?


  4. As a Canadian who frequently has to get up at 5am to catch the morning train to Vancouver this really pisses me off… Why should Washington and British Columbia spend money on track upgrades when the Feds are going to submarine the whole plan? Time to vote the Conservatives out!

  5. I’m with Lindsey!

    This B.S. has gone on and on. First, for years, the province refusing to do their share, and now this outright extortion on the part of the Feds. The south side of the border has been ready and waiting for years to get the second train rolling.

    One embarrased Canadian.

    1. Lindsey and Andrea,

      What resources do you have there to influence this?
      Advocacy groups, business groups, etc?
      I know Transport 2000 has weighed in, but what’s the ‘ground level’ activity?


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