A busy Friday afternoon, as a couple of long-awaited updates occur:

  • ORCA rollout begins Monday, although it’ll be a slow rollout over the rest of the year.  No need to panic, because passes, tickets, etc. will continue to be honored for quite some time.  Don’t bother going to the the orcacard.com website, because it won’t be up till Monday.  The active project page is here, but is useless for new information.
  • Final Metro staff recommendations to the King County Council will be presented April 28 for Link-related bus service changes in Southeast Seattle and Southwest King County.

We’ll digest these later.

5 Replies to “A Busy Day”

  1. I’m so excited for ORCA. I didn’t realize it will include WSF too… I planned a transit trip a while ago that goes in a loop via Bainbridge, Pouslbo, Pt. Townsend, Whidbey Island, and the Sounder from Mukilteo. I’ll be able to do that whole huge thing with just my card! It’s incredible.

    1. Well, except the Poulsbo to Port Townsend portion. I don’t think Jefferson Transit has been Orcanized yet.

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