We like to think of every day at Seattle Transit Blog as an earth day, but today people around the world are celebrating Earth Day. How are you honoring Earth Day today?

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  1. I started teaching my 2nd graders about tropical and temperate rain forests today. We will learn about the structure of the forest, animals that depend on it, interdependency of species, bio diversity, deforestation, CO2 scrubbing, and more. That’s how I am celebrating Earth Day.

    1. Do they know we have one right over on the peninsula? I was a lot older before realizing that.

      1. I stopped believing my elementary teachers when they said a fairy could take me there

        As an engineer it took me a long time to realize how important spelling (and english/communication) really is. Of course they were telling you is a ferry could take you there ;-)

  2. By walking and taking public transit (as always) instead of driving a car everywhere!

    And by oogling over the nifty Link countdown thing on the right column – so high tech!

  3. I went to a Seattle Spring Clean event on Saturday at Wallingford. Mayor Nickels was there and very pleasant to talk to. We discussed everything from getting a tree sapling from the horsechestnut tree that meant a lot to Anne Frank when she was in hiding to funding for Mercer Street and King Street Station renovation work. Mr. Nickels assured me he would look into getting a tree sapling from Anne Frank’s tree (which is sadly now dying) for Seattle and also that funding for King Street Station was assured and 80% complete for Mercer Street.

    Beyond that, me and about hundred other people cleaned up a lot of the Burke Gilman trail in Wallingford/Fremont.


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