Once again, our meetup will be at the Ocean City Restaurant in Chinatown (609 S. Weller St.)  We’ll start at 6pm on Monday, May 4.

We will once again have surprise guests.

And again, to reserve a spot toss in $5 / head via paypal (button below) and let us know at  That money will be used for appetizers and any other expenses related to the function.  We also ask that you actually get dinner there while you’re at it, since they were nice enough to get us the space for free.  It’s inexpensive and delicious.

If you really don’t want to go the advance payment route you can pay $10 at the door.

Deadline for registration is Saturday, May 2.

5 Replies to “Meet-up Details”

    1. They are a surprise!

      They were good last time so I wouldn’t worry. I don’t know who they will be either, but it will be a great opportunity to meet fellow bloggers if nothing else.

  1. It’s during the APTA conference. It’ll be someone good.

    So how good is the fried rice?

  2. I’m gonna have to miss this one too; there’s an event going on with free food and good advice on what I’ll be able to do with the degree I’m in the process of earning.

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