Civic Center
Muni in the Market Street Tunnel, photo by skew-t

In 1980, San Francisco’s Muni Light Rail began operations in the Market Street Tunnel, the first light rail subway line built in the US after World War II. The Sunset tunnel opened in 1928, and the Twin Peaks Tunnel in 1917.

1980 was also when the famous New York City transit strike took place. Photo gallery of the strike here.

8 Replies to “80 Days”

  1. 80 is also the number of Swine Flu cases the USA will have by dinnertime tonight. Link will not open on time folks!

      1. Great pic! +1 for finding that. Hey, maybe ST could hand out commemorative surgical masks for the opening??

      1. If the swine flu outbreak is severe enough to prevent Link from opening on time then most of us will have other things to concern us.

    1. All the while 3,000 people in the U.S. die and 100K injured every month due to auto accidents. I’m surprised auto dependency hasn’t been declared an epidemic.

      1. The head of the CDC was on this morning and to said to put this in perspective we need to remember 36,000 people in the US die every year from the common flu. So don’t be too surprised automobile travel hasn’t scared anyone to death yet.

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