Less than eleven weeks to go!

The NYC Transit Museum opened in 1976.

The Memorandum of Agreement on Interstate 90 was also signed in 1976.

Here’s a tangent: I’ve been reading over more of the I-90 documents, and I’m no lawyer, but it looks to me like the state committed to building the facility to be converted to rail. The state was the lead agency on the project, and that memorandum says

The I-90 facility shall be designed and constructed so that conversion of all or part of the transit roadway to fixed guideway is possible.

So, let’s say we find some significant barrier to conversion. Doesn’t that mean the state will be obligated to make it right, as their responsibility was to make it possible? We’ll see what happens between now and November 1st.

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  1. Here’s the question: when did the state constitution say that gas tax has to be used for roads?

      1. That would have been two months before the Battle of the Bulge, to put it in context.

    1. 1944, I’m afraid. No loophole there. Perhaps a PAC could start an education campaign about why that should change?

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