This post originally appeared on Orphan Road.

The Belltown Park idea that was being considered last month is a go. It opens next year. Sweet.

There are some typically moronic comments in the P-I’s comments section about the park, but one of them does get at an actually useful point:

This is so stupid. Belltown already has a park. The city government and police failed to enforce the law there, so they basically hijacked the park for the exclusive use of dog owners.

So now we have to have another “park”, which the police aren’t going to be able to handle (as usual), and which polluting, oblivious dog owners are just going to use for another doggy poop and pee area.

For this new park to avoid the fate of the previous Belltown park, work will have to be done to amp up the retail and street life there:

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Still, I’m optimistic. Belltown is a successful example of urban density in some ways and a complete disaster in others. Hopefully this will be more of the former.