City of Destiny by Brian Bundridge
City of Destiny by Brian Bundridge

Great news for the upcoming Sounders FC vs Chelsea game on July 18th, on top of Link’s grand opening, Sound Transit will be running 2 Sounder trains between Seattle and Tacoma and 1 train between Seattle and Everett!

The Tacoma trains will leave at 9:30 and 9:45am and arrive in Seattle at 10:30 and 10:45 respectively. Both trains will be making all stops.

The Everett train will leave at 10:00am and arrive in Seattle at 11:00am and will be making all stops.

As always, trains will depart 30 minutes after the end of the event from King Street Station.

For more information, check out Sound Transit’s special events

Add: I want to add and stress the crossings in SODO will be VERY busy between Link, Sounder, and Amtrak trains arriving and departing. Use extra caution when crossing over the railroad tracks, especially at Royal Brougham where there is construction for a new overpass.

16 Replies to “Take Sounder to the Sounders!”

  1. Holy crap this is awesome. I mean come on! SOUNDER TO THE SOUNDERS?! HOW MUCH BETTER COULD THIS GET?!?!

  2. That is pretty awesome. And I bet a few of those people will even try Link!

    1. Andrew,
      Have a back-up plan if you get to your station and the wait is oh – two hours long.

      1. I can walk, but it’ll be a long one. No worries, I’m getting to the game early with my hooligans.

      2. Hey Andrew I have tickets for the game too but I guess with 60,000 of us, it will be difficult to meet – have fun though!


  3. This is going to be very interesting, but I’m still going to wheel around Downtown and ride Link

    It’s going to be a wonderful day

  4. Will Douglas Tooley be on that train? Or, will his bags be packed for a town free of the light rail scourge?? (hard to find these days)

  5. Great news Brian – any word on whether ST can do this for other games? The Houston game coming up will surely be a sell out and for the other home games too I am sure there would be a demand?


    PS: Once the Portland Timbers join the MLS, we will definintely need more trains between SEA and PDX – before and after the games. There should be a night train between the two cities – any update on these ideas?

  6. I was going to drive (boooo) to Tukwila and take my chances with the Link crowds, but now I’ll just take Sounder instead. (I’ll get to Link on another day. It’s not packing up and leaving town anytime soon.)


    1. I’m going to try for the Sounder from Tacoma as well. I’ll either take it on the way up or back depending on what time I am riding LINK! Hooray for the special Sounder making my weekend trips to Seattle more convenient.

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