Photo by Joshua Putnam
Photo by Joshua Putnam

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know that Westbound traffic on I-90 is going to be diverted onto the center roadway from July 5 until July 20.  Obviously, traffic is going to be a nightmare.

Metro has released their plan for this period.  They’re putting extra buses in service to allow some hope of at least starting each run on time.  Here are the key paragraphs of Metro’s press release:

Reroutes – Because westbound traffic congestion is expected to be severe, Metro is planning to reroute all Seattle-bound service that travels westbound on I-90 from Snoqualmie, Sammamish, Issaquah Highlands, Issaquah and Eastgate. This will have little impact on bus boarding locations, except for one westbound stop.

Westbound buses that are headed for the I-90 floating bridge will be routed off of I-90 at 142nd Place Southeast at Eastgate and re-enter near Bellevue Way. This will divert buses around several anticipated I-90 choke points and give them a queue jump onto Mercer Island.

Routes 111 and 114 coming from the Renton Highlands will also avoid some portions of I-90. Mercer Island routes 202 and 205 will have a short reroute on the island to enter I-90.

All regular stops on all routes will be made except at the westbound Eastgate flyer stop above I-90.  Passengers who normally use this stop will now board northbound on 142nd Place near the back entrance to Bellevue College. Look for signs directing you to this location.

Remember also that on Friday, July 3 virtually everything is on a Sunday schedule.

8 Replies to “I-90 Delays”

  1. Is the Sunday schedule thing on the metro website? If that’s true my 233 will not even run and I have to go to work…

    1. Yep. So Drive, or bicycle, or Tele-commute. Traffic will be really light as many people have the day off.

  2. It would have been interesting to see a shuttle bus service set up just for the closure period, shuttling pedestrians to and from the ends of the bridge.

    The weather is good, the bridge has nice views, and if WSDOT’s convestion estimates are right, walking across the bridge will be faster than driving.

    The I-90 bicycle trail will remain open during construction — they’ve built temporary bypass bridges around the expansion joints. I’ll add a photo to the STB flickr pool.

  3. I am pretty concerned…I would love to ride the bus every day but need to get across 520 at 5:15-5:30am and there are no buses eastbound that early. Furthermore, I cannot ride my bicycle across 520 which is a huge bone of contention for me with the local infrastructure. I know, people will say that I can ride the bus going from the tunnel over I-90 but getting up at 3am to catch a bus is not my idea of fun.

    Unfortunately I am stuck with driving. Even getting off work at 2:30 (in the car around 2:50-3pm) the traffic I’m sure will be hell. I would suggest Metro offer at least one early bus (5:15 or 5:20 perhaps) going to the bellevue transit center (not overlake, that only serves Microsofties and not anybody else).

    Guess that’s the life of a construction worker. When I worked in Belltown I was able to ride my bicycle to work every day (and did). I miss that, even though it required getting up at 4am. I just wish that local transit organizations would consider having the buses that are traveling to Bellevue in the early morning be able to pick up folks like me; even just across the bridge would be appreciated and dropping off at yarrow pt. station.

  4. So how bad has it been, folks traveling across 520 and 90? Total chaos? Or has it been better than anticipated? Seems to me every time WSDOT forecasts the end of the world as we know it, things aren’t nearly as bad as they scared people into believing they would be – but some facts to back up that assertion would be nice :)

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