Our next meetup will be Thursday, August 6, somewhere in Seattle.

I wouldn’t fill out your absentee ballot till you go.

16 Replies to “Save the Date”

  1. Yea! This is the first meet-up that I don’t have a time conflict with. Looking forward to it.

    1. All of the meetups I recall have been somewhere all ages are welcome. Even though the last one was at Pyramid, people under 21 are welcome everywhere in the restaurant except for the area right around the bar.

      OTOH I do like having the meetups somewhere I can have an adult beverage if I so choose. ;-)

      PS The meetup should be near one of the Link stations, preferably Beacon Hill or Rainier Valley.

      1. I’m (barely) under 21 and had no problem at the last one at the Pyramid. I probably would’ve had a problem if I wanted to order an adult beverage though :D

  2. Perfect, this is the day after I get back from Japan! I should have a bunch of train stories to share.

  3. Perfect, this is the day that I too get back from Japan. What flight are you taking?

    1. I’m actually flying into Vancouver instead of Seatac. Something to do with frequent flyer miles. Too bad, otherwise I would be able to take Link home from the airport!

  4. Haha, I complained earlier about Amtrak’s long-distance trains being so expensive, but right now the Empire Builder is just $150 each way if you buy a few weeks in advance and travel midweek. With the insane summer airfares to Chicago I might just take that instead, as soon as I know which week I can travel.

  5. How many people are you expecting? I may be able to offer up our coworking space for this meetup if attendance isn’t expected to be huge. Kids and booze are welcome provided you bring your own. We are located on Capitol Hill just off Pine.


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