All our multimedia people are still out on the trains, but here’s what’s out there right now:

My impression: a well-run event.  It was almost the perfect sweet spot for someone looking to ride: packed trains, but modest waits.  ST’s hiring of performers to entertain lined-up riders was a nice touch.

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  1. Susan Hutchinson came up behind me and my roommate while we were waiting there for the Tukwila-bound-and-back train. For a second, mid-clap, her hands were suspended like two tiny claws and her face in this t-rex like sneer. She looked like a Conservasaurus Rex.

    1. Whoa, I was just in San Francisco last week and rode Muni a lot, including the L line out to the zoo.

      I’m curious to see what the investigation turns up. One thing I noticed while I was there is that the trains would run very close together – while one train was boarding in a station, another could be in the station a short distance behind waiting for it to clear.

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